19 – Playing The Hand You Have Been Dealt, With Richard Turner

Richard relentlessly pursues perfection while struggling with the reality that his biggest weakness might also be his greatest strength. Richard Turner not only defies the odds, but is proof that there aren’t as many limits as we might think. 62-year-old Richard Turner, is universally acknowledged as the world’s most skilled “card mechanic” in other words,

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18 – No Colon, Still Rollin With Erin Goodwin

At the age of 26 Erin Goodwin was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, it came on hard and fast and the next 12 months were spent in and out of hospital. High volumes of multiple medications, a month on IV steroids and 13 days of no sleep her bowel perforated and she died while on the

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17 – TWICE SHOT – Surviving, Rising and Thriving With Daryl Elliott Green

Daryl’s life was shattered in 2000 when he was TWICE SHOT in the face and shoulder while on a routine callout to a neighbourhood dispute. Despite critical injuries, he drew his firearm and began searching for the gunman. A year later, for his actions that night, he was awarded for his bravery, but Daryl was

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16 – Learning Triumph Over Tragedy With Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller is the Master of Transformation. A true pioneer carving a path for others, who wish to save time, to follow. From tobacco addiction recovery to dealing with trauma and epic adversity Barbara delivers tough love talk. “Life is hard there is no reason to sugar coat it.” Her experience is based on overcoming

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15 – UnTraining Your Brain To Overcome Trauma With Rik Schnabel

Rik Schnabel is a world class life coach trainer who has mastered magic. He has helped hundreds of his clients to diminish their issues in just hours and calms anxiety in minutes. He’s a master of the brain’s amygdala and weaves his magic to dramatically improve one’s thinking. With over 20,000 training and clinical coaching

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14 – A Nondual Somatic Approach to Trauma Resolution With Scott Kiloby

Scott Kiloby is an international speaker on the subject of nondual wisdom and its application to addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety. He is the author of six books on the subject. He is a California Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor and Interventionist. He is the founder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery in Rancho Mirage, CA,

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13 – There’s Purpose To Your Pain With Christine Handy

Christine Handy is a speaker, author and breast cancer survivor. Her journey encourages her listeners to be their best selves in all aspects of life. Her motto is: “There is always purpose in pain”. 

Her challenges led her to write her first novel, Walk Beside Me, which became a best seller. As a model, Christine

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12 – Visualising Successful Outcomes With Michael Ballard

Michael gets people inspired. He shares with people the tools to become more effective. He assists people learn how to develop a stronger personal focus and stay balanced in the process. Michael started off sharing the lessons he learned over twelve years ago. This was after he learned that each of us has a far

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11 – Overcoming Blinding Fear With John Elferink

John is a Barrister, Solicitor and lobbyist living in Adelaide, Australia. During his childhood John was targeted by a paedophile in the Northern Territory where he grew up.  John was apprehended by police as a housebreaker and petty criminal in his early teens.  He also struggled with alcohol and drug abuse in his teens and

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10 – Your PTSD Is Not A Lifetime Sentence With Dr. Dawson Church

Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning author whose best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. He founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare to study and implement promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques. Dawson’s groundbreaking research has

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