44 – Depression And Lost Connections With Johann Hari

Depression and anxiety are now the most common mental illnesses in the US.

New York Times bestselling author Johann Hari carried out a bold three-year investigation about what really causes this, and how to actually solve these disorders.

Hari suffered from depression since he was a child.

And was subsequently told by doctors that his problems were caused by a chemical imbalance in his brain.

He started taking antidepressants at 18—but he remained depressed, no matter the dose.

When Johann embarked on his research into this mystery, he discovered that the real figures show that 65 to 80 percent of people taking an anti-depressant are still depressed.


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43 – Mental Illness Did Not Defeat Me With Tina Collins

Mental Illness engulfed the life of Tina Collins from when she was a child.

For twenty years she walked through the world in an hallucinatory state.

When everything became too much to deal with, she withdrew entirely.

Prior to effective treatment Tina was diagnosed with Shizoaffective Disorder at a level that should have seen her institutionalized.

After years of medication and therapy she recovered and started living again.

3 Key Points

1/ Persist: If you are the patient, to their medical team or family, don’t give up ever.

2/ Speak. In silence the illness festers and stigma remains.

3/ Educate. Understanding sets us free.


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42 – Sudden Trauma Aftermath – How You Can Still Be You With Virginia Phillips

Sudden trauma, due to an horrific car accident, changed Virginia Phillips’ life in an instant.

Virginia is the author of ‘Yes, You Can!’ and also the owner of The Academy Of Entrepreneurial Excellence

She is a part-owner of Molder Rubber and Plastics Corp, a speaker, an entrepreneurial coach, and also a podcaster.

But most of all, she is a survivor.

Furthermore, her leadership and coaching expertise guides individuals to develop skills, build confidence, and create opportunities for success.

3 Key Points

1/ Action precedes Motivation

2/ Broken Crayons Create Masterpieces

3/ Lean Into Your Support Team


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41 – Secondary Trauma: The Hardships Of Being A PTSD Spouse With Anna Dowe

Secondary trauma is very real to Anna Dowe.

Anna is the author of ‘Bent not Broken. Finding your Power, Passion and Purpose. A Familyís Guidebook to Surviving PTSD’

Due to her work as an international speaker, coach, guide, and mentor Anna works with many clients.

She holds a BA in Psychology from York University and certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

Anna traveled the world and settled in Asia for some time.

As a result of her travels, Anna met John and in 2005 they settled in Canada and started a family together.

John, a veteran of the Canadian military, suffered from PTSD for the better part of their ten-year marriage.

As a result of his illness, Anna and their two young sons now suffer secondary traumatization.

Anna experienced hardships from being a spouse in such a relationship, making tough decisions for her and their children.

3 Key Points

1/ We always have a choice in life and how we view our circumstances

2/ You are not a victim

3/ Self care is critical to recover from trauma


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40 – Yogic Breathing: A Powerful Technique For Managing The Effects Of Trauma With Giovanni Dienstmann

Giovanni is a Yogic Breathing teacher and the writer behind the popular blog LiveAndDare.com.

Creator of the acclaimed Master Your Mind program, Giovanni has been  seeking personal growth and enlightenment since his teenage years.

Throughout this process, he has practiced meditation daily (totalling over 8,000 hours), read hundreds of books.

He has tried several different techniques, and spent time on retreats with masters and instructors around the world.

This practice, learning and training has radically transformed his mind, and therefore lives a fearless, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Giovanni is not a guru or a spiritual master but a practitioner on the way, and shares his powerful tools and insights.

His work translates and ‘updates’ the tools and teachings of world-wide wisdom traditions making them easily digestible for the 21st-century person.

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