36 – Putting The Post In PTSD: A Roadmap For Recovery With Denita Stevens

Denita Stevens is a writer and poet who lives in New Jersey. Her poetry about trauma has been published on the Heal My PTSD website, and most recently in the ITWOW International 2016 Anthology, all of which are included in her poetry chapbook, ‘Invisible Veils’ which is in the process of being published.

She started a blog called ‘Texas Girl in Jersey’ to share her story of recovering from PTSD and also chronicle her adventures of living in New Jersey. She is currently working on her memoir, ‘Disorderly Life’ about her experiences living with PTSD for 15 years and how she recovered.


Key Points

1/ Finding the professional(s) that is right for you is essential, for me that primarily meant finding a therapist trained in EMDR.

2/ Recovery is a process that takes time and requires a commitment even when no support system is available.  

3/ Nutrition and exercise are vital to healing and staying healthy.


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35 – The Gift Of Suffering With Craig Holliday

Craig Holliday is a gifted Meditation and Spiritual Teacher trained in both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor offering mindfulness based therapy.

Craig travels frequently offering Meditation Workshops, Retreats, and Satsang. He is the author of Fully Human Fully Divine. His work is dedicated to the discovery of our innate Divinity, and the expansion of compassionate action on the planet.

He works in a way that addresses our everyday suffering as a doorway to our inherent freedom, and empowerment. He meets with individuals at his office in Durango, Colorado and with individuals from around the world on Skype.


Key Points

1/ Within the experience of suffering is a seed for a greater aspect of consciousness.

2/ It is through suffering that we come to know and embody compassion and unconditional love and strength. 

3/ This is an evolutionary world, and therefore pain is a part of life.   But suffering is the doorway to growth.


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34 – Shake Free From Trauma Using TRE With Richmond Heath

Richmond Heath is a registered Physiotherapist, TRE Certification Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Bowen Therapist & a pioneer in mind-body health & wellbeing for optimal life performance.

Having introduced TRE to Australia in 2010, he provides TRE Training to individuals & organisations in a wide range of settings including sports, personal growth & development, occupational stress prevention & trauma recovery.

Richmond holds an Advanced Diploma of Aboriginal Studies from Tranby Aboriginal College in Sydney, was a founding member of the Victorian Menergyí Mens Gathering & has completed contemporary initiation rites into both Darkunjung (Australia) & Native American traditions

Key Points

1/ A paradigm shift in normalising and reframing autonomic movements including spontaneous shakes and tremors after stressful or traumatic events as a key natural recovery reflex that has been deliberately used in traditional cultures for millenia rather than it being misunderstood as a ‘symptom’ of stress, trauma, anxiety, shock or PTSD.

2/ Medical pathologising of this innate reflex along with individual and cultural suppression in the West may inadvertently be reducing the likelyhood of recovery and contriburing to an increased likelihood of burnout, acute stress and PTSD

3/ This neurogenic tremor reflex can be deliberately invoked in a safe and controlled way on an ongoing and regular basis using the simple exercises of TRE (tension and trauma release exercises) to release stress and trauma and to reorganise our nervous system to build greater neurophysiological resilience, groundedness and coping capacity in the future.


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33 – Supporting Children Through Foster Care With Dr. John DeGarmo

Dr. John DeGarmo is a leading international expert in foster care.  Dr. John is a consultant to several foster care agencies and to law firms across the nation, and is a popular international speaker and trainer on all things foster care. 

He is the founder of The Foster Care Institute, as well as the residential group home Never Too Late, a home for boys in foster care in Georgia.  He and his family have been featured on Good Morning America, The 700 Club, and in other media. 

He has also been a foster parent for 14 years, now, and has cared for over 50 children, and has adopted three from foster care.  Dr. John is also author of several books, including the highly inspirational book Love and Mayhem: One Big Family’s Uplifting Story of Fostering and Adoptino, and the foster care children’s book A Different Home: A New Foster Child’s Story.  


Key Points

1/ Everyone can help a child in foster care in some way

2/ There are many, many dangers facing today’s youth with online technology and social media

3/ What children in foster care truly experience and face


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32 – Online Harassment: A Silent Epidemic? With Samantha Silverberg

Samantha Silverberg is a licensed clinician specializing in working with individuals who have histories of complex and chronic trauma.

She has spent the last eight years working across a variety of populations at the University of Pennsylvania, Mount Sinai Hospital and as adjunct faculty at LaSalle University amongst other positions.

Based on her own personal experiences and professional experiences of clients dealing with online harassment, Samantha co-founded Online SOS, a non-partisan, non-profit dedicated to providing free, direct services to individuals experiencing this. Samantha runs Online SOS while pursuing her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Fielding University to continue this work.

Key Points

1/ Online harassment maps directly on to psychological trauma.

2/ Individuals experiencing online harassment may experience trauma symptoms.

3/ There is support for this type of trauma, you are not alone. Rather than suffering in silence we want individuals to reach out.


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