3 – Rising From The Abyss Of Trauma With Ted O’Neil

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After growing up in a terribly dysfunctional and abusive home where all he saw was chaos, Ted O’Neil graduated with his degree in psychology and subsequently worked in a psychiatric crisis centre for 8 years, at which time, he chose to study law. Ted formed his first company that was highly successful. On the day his largest client cancelled their contract due to 9/11, Ted suffered a heart attack.

Sinking into a deep depression for nearly a decade in which he was perpetually suicidal, he lost his friends, his family, he left his home and his children and found himself homeless sleeping on floors in the Philippines. Submitting to psychiatry, he found himself taking meds after meds that only made things worse and eventually led to a combat level traumatic event.

This lead to a spiritual awakening. Today Ted and his wife have dedicated themselves to giving back to others so that they don’t have to spend years finding the answers that he learned.


Show Notes

A full transcription of this podcast will be available soon


Key Points

1/ Have a focus of “What can I do to fix it to get results?” rather than a focus on “Why am I feeling this way?”

2/ There is nothing wrong with you. This is not an illness.

3/ Making change begins with a decision to change


Resources Mentioned 

Mans’s Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl

The Spirituality Of Imperfection – Katherine Ketcham

The Manly Club – Facebook Group


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