6 – A Holistic Approach To Brain Trauma With Dr. John DeWitt

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After twelve years of professional football Dr. John DeWitt has seen (and experienced) the devastating effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and concussions and is here to share what he has learned, and continues to learn, on this journey.


Show Notes

A full transcription of this podcast will be available soon


Key Points

1/ To support recovery of brain injury, drink plenty of water

2/ Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for protecting the brain

3/ Don’t identify your whole existence on a diagnosis or a label


Resources Mentioned


Find Dr. John Online


  • Disclaimer: The Thought Hackers have not researched nor used the Brainmed supplements mentioned by Dr. John DeWitt, and therefore make no recommendation for their use. We are simply supplying a link to the website for your convenience.

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