7 – Accelerated Mental Improvement With John Kennedy

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John Kennedy was contracted by the US Marines in 2006 to develop a cognitive skills enhancement program to reduce casualties in combat, primarily from IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices). Combining the latest research into neuroplasticity with his proprietary process and project management methodologies, he created the PACE™ – Progressively Accelerated Cognitive Exertion™ brain training program targeting the Foundational thinking process – “Break it down, Think it thru, Execute!”

Trainees include Marines, Snipers, Special Operations forces and their instructors, pilots, professional athletes, business people, students and student athletes and those suffering from brain trauma including TBI, PTSD and concussions. All have had their lives positively changed by the program.


Show Notes

A full transcription of this podcast will be available soon


Key Points

1/ When your brain is faster, you can anticipate when a trigger is going to happen.

2/ Our thinking is made up of patterns, and when we train our brain to put pieces of these patterns together faster we can avoid stresses. 


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