8 – The Truth About How To Be Happy With James Gough

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When he was in his early teens James looked around and noticed that there were not very many people who were truly happy with their lives. He soon realized that even people who seemingly had everything, people like Elvis Presley and more recently Robin Williams, were unhappy, unhappy enough to end their lives.

He started a quest. One that has lasted almost three decades. The purpose was a search to find out what true happiness really is. Because of what he learned, he is happy, joyful and content 99 to 100% of the time.


Show Notes

A full transcription of this podcast will be available soon


Key Points

1/ What we are led to believe we want in life isn’t what is making people happy in life

2/ Our thinking is made up of patterns, and when we train our brain to put pieces of these patterns together faster we can avoid stresses. 


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