11 – Overcoming Blinding Fear With John Elferink

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John is a Barrister, Solicitor and lobbyist living in Adelaide, Australia.

During his childhood John was targeted by a paedophile in the Northern Territory where he grew up.  John was apprehended by police as a housebreaker and petty criminal in his early teens.  He also struggled with alcohol and drug abuse in his teens and very early 20’s which culminated in a moral, emotional and spiritual collapse and a new path in life.

Through life, John has worked as a police officer, politician and Minister of one of Her Majesty’s governments in Australia.  Until a year ago John served as the Attorney General of the Northern Territory in Australia, also holding the portfolios of Minister for Health, Minister for Mental Health Services, Minister for Disability Services, Minister for Child Protection and Minister for Corrections in the Northern Territory.  He also managed the Parliament on behalf of the NT Government as Leader of Government Business.  John has worked in the international arena as a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association with African Nations, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.


Key Points

1/ If you have a sudden desire to correct your life, don’t think that is the end of the journey…..It’s only the beginning

2/ Look after what is between your ears and in your heart

3/ Awareness is being able to rise above the circumstance you find yourself in and realise what is actually going on


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