12 – Visualising Successful Outcomes With Michael Ballard

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Michael gets people inspired. He shares with people the tools to become more effective. He assists people learn how to develop a stronger personal focus and stay balanced in the process. Michael started off sharing the lessons he learned over twelve years ago. This was after he learned that each of us has a far greater capacity to grow than we realize.

Before becoming a professional speaker and workshop leader Michael was a high performance professional with an international packaged goods firm, moving up 5 positions in his first 7 years while moving 5 times. He has been featured on the Canadian Television Network, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CITY TV, and on dozens of radio interviews across North America.


Key Points

1/ If you want to fight for your life, you have to decide what is the quality of the journey you wish to have? What is the outcome you wish to have?

2/ Choose to have quality experiences

3/ How are you allowing yourself to be influenced?


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