14 – A Nondual Somatic Approach to Trauma Resolution With Scott Kiloby

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Scott Kiloby is an international speaker on the subject of nondual wisdom and its application to addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety. He is the author of six books on the subject. He is a California Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor and Interventionist. He is the founder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery in Rancho Mirage, CA, the first addiction treatment center in the US to focus primarily on mindfulness.

Scott is also the co-owner of the Natural Rest House, a detox and residential center in La Quinta, CA. In addition, Scott is the founder of the Living Inquiries Community, a mindfulness facilitator training program with approximately 100 certified mindfulness facilitators who work in over twelve different countries.

Key Points

1/ Trauma can be resolved by undoing the ‘velcro effect’, which is the experience of traumatic thoughts being stuck to emotional charges and body contractions in the body. 

2/ Trauma is highly subjective and often settles into mind-based core stories such as “I’m not good enough, I’m unsafe, I’m a victim”

3/ Non-dual awareness can be a gentle and safe foundation in which to explore and release trauma, if done skillfully


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