17 – TWICE SHOT – Surviving, Rising and Thriving With Daryl Elliott Green

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Daryl’s life was shattered in 2000 when he was TWICE SHOT in the face and shoulder while on a routine callout to a neighbourhood dispute. Despite critical injuries, he drew his firearm and began searching for the gunman. A year later, for his actions that night, he was awarded for his bravery, but Daryl was only just embarking on his harrowing road to recovery.

What followed was a decade of dark times. It’s only through sheer grit and determination, and the support of those around him, that Daryl made his way back from the depths of despair.

Over ten years, while suffering depression and PTSD, Daryl underwent over a dozen surgical procedures to reconstruct his shattered mouth, successfully waged a 10 year battle for criminal compensation, overcame one of his greatest fears and became a firearms instructor, earned a masters in finance and achieved three further promotions within the Queensland Police Service.

Today, Daryl shares his powerful life lessons through his TWICE SHOT talks, workshops and programs. With a natural gift for public speaking, he captivates and inspires his audience, bringing people from tears to laughter, providing them with a truly transformative experience.


Key Points

1/ Don’t care what other people think. The people you care about, care about what they think!

2/ Nothing lasts forever, good or bad. Change is constant. There is always hope, even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, it may not be an easy road, but it is within your reach.

3/ Three things to do, when all seems hopeless: (1) mindset = ‘Keep Going’; (2) talk to someone who has had a similar experience and come out the other side; (3) write simple to do lists, next prioritise tasks and then take action. This helps things make sense in chaos, charts a way forward with small smart decisive actions, which builds momentum and in time enables you to conquer what you thought was impossible.


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