18 – No Colon, Still Rollin With Erin Goodwin

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At the age of 26 Erin Goodwin was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, it came on hard and fast and the next 12 months were spent in and out of hospital. High volumes of multiple medications, a month on IV steroids and 13 days of no sleep her bowel perforated and she died while on the operating table.  Erin was revived and she woke with a temporary stoma. Three years, four stomas and twelve surgeries later she found herself with a permanent ileostomy and ostomy bag.

Erin struggled for years with mental health issues and hopes to help make a difference for other the 40,000 + fellow ostomates around the country to live a better life to and to be stronger than before.

Erin, the president of the WA Ostomy Association, and the youth ambassador for the Australian Council of Stoma Associations and has gone on to establish support groups across the country. Erin recently won the Convatec Great Comebacks earlier this year and has been nominated for Sixth Annual WEGO Health’s Awards in the Rookie of the year and Best Kept Secret categories.


Key Points

1/ Take one day at a time

2/ You are not alone, help is available

3/ It’s better to laugh than cry, but it’s ok to do both, sometimes at the same time


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