19 – Playing The Hand You Have Been Dealt, With Richard Turner

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Richard relentlessly pursues perfection while struggling with the reality that his biggest weakness might also be his greatest strength. Richard Turner not only defies the odds, but is proof that there aren’t as many limits as we might think.

62-year-old Richard Turner, is universally acknowledged as the world’s most skilled “card mechanic” in other words, he is a manipulator of playing cards related toward gaming… he can make anyone win or lose at will. He’s also a sixth-degree black belt in Karate. None of this would be extraordinary except for the fact that Richard started losing his sight at nine and is now completely blind.


Key Points

1/ We all have limitations. The worst limitations are laziness and procrastination.

2/ Don’t look at an obstacle as an obstacle, but as a challenge…..as an adventure….as something fun to overcome.

3/ Accept your strengths and accept your potential….and go for it.


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