21 – Keep It Super Simple With Bronwen Sciortino

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Bronwen Sciortino is an Author, Simplicity Expert and Professional Speaker who spent almost two decades as a high powered, award winning executive before experiencing a life changing event that forced her to stop and ask the question ‘What if there’s a better way to live?’

Answering this question took her on a journey of discovery that gave her the knowledge and wisdom to write ‘Keep It Super Simple -Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist’ and to step away

from a traditional life.

Bronwen is passionate about showing people there is a very different way of living life – driven by the power of lifting consciousness, waking people up and increasing self- compassion world-wide. Bronwen believes in the positive impact that communities can have globally, and that the best is yet to come! She is living proof that aligning your life with your value system is critical to decreasing stress, building resilience and embracing change.

Bronwen blogs for HuffPost regularly, was recently featured in ‘The Book of Amazing People’ and ‘Reboot Your Life – Phoenix Edition’ and has a monthly column for mywellbeingmagazine.com. Bronwen now spends every day working with people globally through corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment where she shares her secrets to success and inspires individuals to simplify their lives and embrace the concept of an economy of enough.

Key Points

1/ Challenge your boundaries to ease your mind

2/ You don’t have to wait for a traumatic event before you’re allowed to change

3/ Challenge the status quo – now more than ever it’s imperative that we find the people who can teach us to learn from ourselves


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