23 – Finding The Blessings From A Parent’s Worst Nightmare With Roni Wing-Lambrecht

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According to Roni, life teaches us all many lessons, and some more than others. 

Since losing their only child, Roni and her husband have learned what it takes to forge ahead and find new purpose in life. Helping others to improve their lives by enhancing ther focus n what is significant…..their children, and the other people in their lives.

Roni’s books are a tribute to her son Dalton with anticipation that the stories and avice they offer will inspire others to excellence in their parenting.

Key Points

1/ Take advantage of the small daily events that life gives us; doing chores together, reading/music/learning together, planning events/trips together, etc.

2/ Learn how journaling has affected our lives and hopefully choose to journal to your own children… tangible and emotional benefits.

3/ Remember that your words and actions toward and in front of your children do matter


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