24 – Turning Personal Grief & Trauma Into Hope With Nick Arquette

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Walk With Sally was founded by Nick Arquette in 2005, naming it for his mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer and after many years of treatment, died when Nick was sixteen.

Nick never forgot how challenging and isolating the years of his mother’s illness and loss had been for him as a child. Wanting to keep the legacy of his Mother alive while seeking to serve youth facing similar circumstances, Nick searched for mentoring opportunities in the community only to discover that no organization was filling this critical support gap.  After careful research, he launched Walk With Sally and began mentoring a youth who had recently lost his mother to cancer. 

From that first successful friendship, Walk With Sally’s core Mentoring Program has expanded, having served hundreds of families throughout the South Bay over the past 10+ years and today actively serving 63 children, boys and girls ages 7-17, with trained volunteer mentors throughout Los Angeles County.


Key Points

1/ How to turn trauma into hope

2/ Keeping the memories and the legacy alive

3/ What it’s like to build a business that is not about money, but about helping others


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