26 – The Shocking Truth Why 9 Out Of 10 People Struggle In Life & Love, And What To Do About It With Riana Milne

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Riana Milne is a Certified, global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach, a #1 Best Selling author, a Life & Dating Coach for the new Docu-Series – Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40; Host of her former TV show: Lessons in Life & Love, an educational speaker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Trauma & Addictions Professional – for over 18 years in Delray Beach, Florida. She offers online virtual Coaching Courses for Singles & Couples at the www.LifeandLoveTrainingAcademy.com

Her free App: My Relationship Coach offers many videos & articles and her 5 star-rated books, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve – and – LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, and Success, addresses Life transitions, Personal Transformation, and Relationships with yourself and others. Riana’s FB fan page is Coach Riana Milne, and her website is – RianaMilne.com


Key Points

1/ What are the 10 Childhood Traumas that Impact Adults in later years?

2/ What are the results in Toxic or Dysfunctional Behavior Patterns that emerge from Emotional Triggers?

3/ How can we Fix this?


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