29 – Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate With Sue Scheff

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Sue Scheff is a Nationally Recognized Author, Parent Advocate and Internet Safety Advocate. She founded Parents Universal Resources Experts, Inc. in 2001.

She has 3 published books, Wit’s End, Google Bomb and her latest, Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate with a foreword by Monica Lewinsky.

Sue Scheff is a contributor for the Psychology Today, HuffPost, Dr. Greene, Stop Medicine Abuse, EducationNation and others. She has been featured on ABC 20/20, CNN, Fox News, Anderson Cooper, Nightly News with Katie Couric, Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Phil, and more. Scheff has also been in USA Today, LA Times, NYT’s, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, AARP, just to name a few. 


Key Points

1/ Shaming doesn’t define us.

2/ The very tool that harmed us, can also heal (help) us.

3/ The importance of overcoming your online fears/shame – both your emotional and financial future depends on it.


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