30 – Why You Alone Are Creating The Results In Your Life With Tim Pahuta

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Tim Pahuta grew up in a small rural fawn in central NJ called Whitehouse Station NJ. The second oldest of 5 children and his fathers first son.

Baseball was, and continues to be, a passion of his fathers and as a result a passion of Tim’s as well. So much so that he became a professional baseball player after graduating from Seton Hall University in 2005.

Tim played 9 years of minor league baseball, 8 with the Washington Nationals, ending his career and life long dream of playing baseball in the Major Leagues. 

That’s when life in the “real world” began…..


Key Points

1/ Visualise the ideas and principles you want to live by and create an image of where you want to be

2/ Use your brain to think yourself into the reality you want to have

3/ Whatever you believe your world to be, you will always be gathering evidence that will prove it to be true


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