31 – Crush Cancer: How I Learned To Survive And Thrive With Dara Kurtz

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Dara Kurtz is the author of Crush Cancer, and creator of the popular blog, Crazy Perfect Life.

When she was 42, she heard the words “You have cancer!”. It wasnít until she finished the difficult year of treatment that she began to see the benefits her cancer diagnosis brought.

She started writing, and now inspires people from all over the world. Dara feels she’s one of the lucky ones and has a responsibility to help people going through their own personal challenges.

Dara lives in Lewisville, North Carolina with her husband Jon and their daughters Zoe, 18, and Avi, 15.


Key Points

1/ The doctors could see what needed fixing, physically – they couldn’t see the thoughts I was having in my head – I knew I didn’t want to live this way: scared, worried, afraid. FEAR following me around. I established a personal mantra and this became my saving grace.

2/ I learned to live with gratitude, to be thankful for all that I had, accept what happened, recognized cancer didn’t have to define my life and that I could move forward, expecting good things to happen.

3/ I focused on what I could do to help myself: mediation, journal, taking care of myself, exercise, eating well. I couldn’t change what happened but I could impact what I do each day of my life and the intentional choices I make.


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