34 – Shake Free From Trauma Using TRE With Richmond Heath

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Richmond Heath is a registered Physiotherapist, TRE Certification Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Bowen Therapist & a pioneer in mind-body health & wellbeing for optimal life performance.

Having introduced TRE to Australia in 2010, he provides TRE Training to individuals & organisations in a wide range of settings including sports, personal growth & development, occupational stress prevention & trauma recovery.

Richmond holds an Advanced Diploma of Aboriginal Studies from Tranby Aboriginal College in Sydney, was a founding member of the Victorian Menergyí Mens Gathering & has completed contemporary initiation rites into both Darkunjung (Australia) & Native American traditions

Key Points

1/ A paradigm shift in normalising and reframing autonomic movements including spontaneous shakes and tremors after stressful or traumatic events as a key natural recovery reflex that has been deliberately used in traditional cultures for millenia rather than it being misunderstood as a ‘symptom’ of stress, trauma, anxiety, shock or PTSD.

2/ Medical pathologising of this innate reflex along with individual and cultural suppression in the West may inadvertently be reducing the likelyhood of recovery and contriburing to an increased likelihood of burnout, acute stress and PTSD

3/ This neurogenic tremor reflex can be deliberately invoked in a safe and controlled way on an ongoing and regular basis using the simple exercises of TRE (tension and trauma release exercises) to release stress and trauma and to reorganise our nervous system to build greater neurophysiological resilience, groundedness and coping capacity in the future.


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