35 – The Gift Of Suffering With Craig Holliday

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Craig Holliday is a gifted Meditation and Spiritual Teacher trained in both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor offering mindfulness based therapy.

Craig travels frequently offering Meditation Workshops, Retreats, and Satsang. He is the author of Fully Human Fully Divine. His work is dedicated to the discovery of our innate Divinity, and the expansion of compassionate action on the planet.

He works in a way that addresses our everyday suffering as a doorway to our inherent freedom, and empowerment. He meets with individuals at his office in Durango, Colorado and with individuals from around the world on Skype.


Key Points

1/ Within the experience of suffering is a seed for a greater aspect of consciousness.

2/ It is through suffering that we come to know and embody compassion and unconditional love and strength. 

3/ This is an evolutionary world, and therefore pain is a part of life.   But suffering is the doorway to growth.


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