36 – Putting The Post In PTSD: A Roadmap For Recovery With Denita Stevens

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Denita Stevens is a writer and poet who lives in New Jersey. Her poetry about trauma has been published on the Heal My PTSD website, and most recently in the ITWOW International 2016 Anthology, all of which are included in her poetry chapbook, ‘Invisible Veils’ which is in the process of being published.

She started a blog called ‘Texas Girl in Jersey’ to share her story of recovering from PTSD and also chronicle her adventures of living in New Jersey. She is currently working on her memoir, ‘Disorderly Life’ about her experiences living with PTSD for 15 years and how she recovered.


Key Points

1/ Finding the professional(s) that is right for you is essential, for me that primarily meant finding a therapist trained in EMDR.

2/ Recovery is a process that takes time and requires a commitment even when no support system is available.  

3/ Nutrition and exercise are vital to healing and staying healthy.


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