37 – Life After A Cult With Rhys Hagen

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Born and raised in a town of only 600 people in regional Victoria, Australia, Hagan has always had an interest in writing and all kinds of storytelling. After finishing high school, Hagan planned on attending University after a year in the Australian Army. However, when the time came for him to accept his position, he was participating in a training exercise and was unable to reply.

In 2009, Hagan underwent training with the Australian infantry to become a rifleman. Many of his military skills would follow him in his transition to civilian life and heavily influence his writing. He assisted in training exercises based in a range of environments from arid plains to dense jungles which would see him qualified in weapons such as assault rifles, machine guns, and even rocket launchers.

Years later, in 2012, the church congregation that Hagan and his family attended would reach a disturbing breaking point. The leaders of the group had become controlling to the point of publicly humiliating the members and, in some cases, assaulting them. Unable to justify their extreme actions, Hagan left with his family.

With his ties to, what was later defined as a cult, severed, Rhys spent some time reconnecting with his family and building relationships. However, with one commitment finished he began looking for a new ambition. It was then that he returned to his life-long loveówriting.

Today, Rhys uses his life experiences coupled with hard work to develop his novels. He enjoys time with his family and is a regular at his local gym. As well as being a fan of whisky (especially Scotch from Islay), Hagan loves the film industry, basketball, a well-rounded meal, and appreciates theatre and performing arts.


Key Points

1/ The functions and key persuasion techniques Used In Cults

2/ Resources and personal advice on identifying cults

3/ The valuable information and critically praised narrative within my novel, ‘Sovereignty’


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