41 – Secondary Trauma: The Hardships Of Being A PTSD Spouse With Anna Dowe

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Secondary trauma is very real to Anna Dowe.

Anna is the author of ‘Bent not Broken. Finding your Power, Passion and Purpose. A Familyís Guidebook to Surviving PTSD’

Due to her work as an international speaker, coach, guide, and mentor Anna works with many clients.

She holds a BA in Psychology from York University and certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

Anna traveled the world and settled in Asia for some time.

As a result of her travels, Anna met John and in 2005 they settled in Canada and started a family together.

John, a veteran of the Canadian military, suffered from PTSD for the better part of their ten-year marriage.

As a result of his illness, Anna and their two young sons now suffer secondary traumatization.

Anna experienced hardships from being a spouse in such a relationship, making tough decisions for her and their children.

3 Key Points

1/ We always have a choice in life and how we view our circumstances

2/ You are not a victim

3/ Self care is critical to recover from trauma


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