45 – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind With Michael Leppo

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Maintaining a healthy body is paramount to ensuring a healthy mind.

Michael Leppo has devoted himself to the study and application of healthier living, wellness, fitness, and peak performance.

After careful study of the brain, he has developed a life changing health, wellness, and weight loss video program.

Through this program Michael has lost 77 pounds (and counting) in nine months.

His ‘You Will Succeed Program‘ teaches you how to train your brain so you no longer crave, or have an addiction to, processed carb and sugar laden foods.

Through this program you can lose weight, live healthier, have more energy, and say good-bye to everyday ailments, colds, and weight related illness’s

3 Key Points

1/ Retrain your brain to crave only healthy foods which leads to weight loss and an incredibly high energy level.

2/ Taking the right steps daily creates positive movement toward all your goals.

3/ Using exercise 100% customized to you and your needs to help you achieve all of your goals…no pain, no gain is a thing of the past!


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