6 – A Holistic Approach To Brain Trauma With Dr. John DeWitt

After twelve years of professional football Dr. John DeWitt has seen (and experienced) the devastating effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and concussions and is here to share what he has learned, and continues to learn, on this journey.   Show Notes A full transcription of this podcast will be available soon   Key Points 1/ To

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5 – Being Plunged Into PTSD During Childbirth With Laura Johnson-Baker

Growing up with depression, anxiety and lacking confidence, Laura finally hit rock bottom when childbirth plunged her into the depths of PTSD. From there, she realised she needed to rediscover herself….both professionally and personally. This journey led her on a path of learning the tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Today Laura is a certified

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4 – How One Simple Exercise Saved My Life With Adil Amarsi

Having been diagnosed with BiPolar depression at age 14 after 4 suicide attempts, Adil Amarsi lost all hope until a life changing attempt on his own life lead him to find a higher calling. After a few more setbacks, he went on to found his company and actually spends most of his down time working

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3 – Rising From The Abyss Of Trauma With Ted O’Neil

After growing up in a terribly dysfunctional and abusive home where all he saw was chaos, Ted O’Neil graduated with his degree in psychology and subsequently worked in a psychiatric crisis centre for 8 years, at which time, he chose to study law. Ted formed his first company that was highly successful. On the day

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2 – Bringing Joy And Happiness Into Your Life With Coach Nick

In this interview, Nick Pereira talks about how to create specific outcomes in your life by changing your negative thinking and your internal language to create an unconscious alignment to the outcomes you want. Nick’s own successes in life have come as a direct result of these processes. Show Notes A full transcription of this

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1 – What Is Trauma & How Does It Affect You Psychologically?

Nathan and Hamish look at various types of trauma such as accidents, violence and abuse, and how these can rapidly, or over time, create the thinking that causes outcomes such as PTSD, Depression and Anxiety.  Show Notes A full transcription of this podcast will be available soon

0 – Introduction To The Thought Hackers With Hamish Bayston & Nathan Segal

In this episode, we introduce you to The Thought Hackers, our journey leading up to it and our vision moving forward. Trauma and the effect it has on us is an enormous problem that can ruin lives instantly and over time. Hamish and Nathan have both experienced trauma and have mastered tools that can help others to

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